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Creating a safe place for employees to be their true self

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This is a guest blog by REC member Prospectus

Supporting employees to be their true self at work is really important to Prospectus and that is why two of our employees, Robert Payne and Rhiannon Mehta, decided to create our LGBTQ+ Network in 2020. For Robert, Prospectus had been the first place he had worked that he felt able to be open about his sexuality and he wanted to ensure others felt the same. Rhiannon and Robert have created an internal network that is a safe space at Prospectus for all employees to join, learn and support discussions around LGBTQ+ issues.

Whether reviewing a LGBTQ+ movie, celebrating Pride Month, or discussing current affairs, this network offers a space for employees to be their authentic selves, celebrate one another, and show allyship. So far, our network has discussed topics including, allyship, mental health in the LGBT+ community, intersectionality, and much more. As the network is a safe space, topics are led and decided by employees and asking what people want to talk or learn about. 

To ensure the network is a safe space, it is open to everyone and there is no obligation for individuals to speak or add to the conversation. This has allowed employees to feel safe in the knowledge they can attend and just listen to learn. With employees across the UK and also globally, our network meetings are held virtually to ensure everyone can attend and access this safe space if they want to.

The network has also facilitated employees attending events such as an LGBTQ+ film festival during LGBTQ+ History Month, which for some was their first time attending an LGBTQ+ event. The support and safe space the network provides has hopefully empowered our employees to feel confident in being able to learn more and support the LGBTQ+ community through our regular network sessions or by attending such events.

With this network colleagues have been able to be their true selves. This is so important to Prospectus and with this employee-led safe space, employees have felt comfortable in sharing more of themselves than before and championing allyship.

Rhiannon and Robert are really proud to have created this safe space and hope the network has allowed more employees at Prospectus to bring their true selves to work!

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