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The REC is proud to be a research-led organisation that champions the positive impact of the recruitment industry.

Our publications include monthly tracking surveys of recruitment activity, and employers’ future hiring intentions, along with annual reports on the value of the UK recruitment industry and individual reports on important topics related to recruitment and employment.

Read our latest research reports below.

Tune in to temps

How employers and recruiters can support the agency workers voice in the workplace. Download here.  


Building the Post-Brexit Immigration System

An analysis of shortages, scenarios and choices. Download here. 


Managing migration in a way that supports labour market success

What we can learn from the experiences of recruiters and employers in Norway, Switzerland, Canada and Australia. Download here. 


Perfect match: Making the right hire and the cost of getting it wrong 

It’s easy to turn a blind eye to the cost of bad recruitment, but getting it wrong can have a big impact on a business’s finances.

As UK businesses seek to navigate a period of economic uncertainty, Perfect match: Making the right hire and the cost of getting it wrong contains a step-by-step guide to calculating the price of a bad hire, enabling employers to take an informed and measurable approach to investing in recruitment. Click here for more information


Scale Up Workbook: How to deliver customer service excellence

Excellent customer service is what differentiates leading recruitment businesses from the pack. In an increasingly competitive market, making sure your consultants understand the value of customer service is more important than ever.  

The second publication in the REC's series of Scale Up Workbooks provides practical guidance to help your consultants thrive. It illustrates the everyday challenges and benefits of thinking about customer experience. Click here for more.  

Recruitment Industry Trends 2015/16

Recruitment Industry Trends is the REC’s annual report about the shape of the UK’s recruitment industry.

The report finds that the recruitment industry is bigger than ever before. The value of the recruitment industry to the UK economy was £35.1 billion in 2015, 9 per cent more than the previous year, and more than the food and beverage industry (£32.6b) and advertising and market research industry (£16.9b). Click here for more information.

Gig economy: The Uberisation of Work

The world of work is changing. Digital work platforms have accelerated a trend towards flexible, project-based employment, enabling employers to access talent throughout the global marketplace and opening up new opportunities for individuals. Click here for more information.

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