Women on Boards review a step in the right direction, says REC

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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Released on 24 February 2011

The widely anticipated independent review into Women on Boards has been published today.  Spearheaded by former trade minister Lord Davies, the report follows months of research, stakeholder meetings and calls for evidence.

The REC and its specialist sector group for executive search, the Association of Executive Recruiters, were involved throughout the process via partnership work with the CBI and direct  engagement  with the Government Equalities Office.

Commenting on the report, Kevin Green, the REC’s Chief Executive, said:
“Recruitment and executive search professionals have welcomed the aims of Lord Davies’ review.  The outcome is a step in the right direction. Initial fears that the selection procedures could come under so much scrutiny that the confidential nature of hiring briefs would be jeopardised have proved unfounded.

“There is no doubt that board diversity sends an important signal to shareholders, investors, customers and employees. More diverse boards often prove to be better corporate performers. 

"Executive search firms can demonstrate their expertise and value by helping clients reach a diverse group of candidates. They are in a unique position to widen the talent pool which over time will result in better balance on UK boards. Being able to demonstrate credentials in this area will increasingly be seen as a key differentiator for executive search firms in many sectors.”

In the wake of Lord Davies’ report, the REC will consult with its members and contribute to a voluntary code for executive search. Diversity and equality are core principles within the REC’s Code of Professional Practice that must be adhered to by all members.


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