REC JobsOutlook: Private sector employers confident about permanent job creation

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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Released on 16 February 2011

Private sector employers are becoming increasingly optimistic about job creation, the REC's February JobsOutlook reveals with one in four expecting to hire more permanent staff this year.

Ahead of today's unemployment figures, the REC’s monthly survey shows that 94 per cent of employers said they plan to either increase or keep their permanent staff at the same levels. Eighty six per cent of employers surveyed also plan to either keep the same level or increase their use of agency staff.

Over the longer term, 35 per cent plan to increase their temporary workforce compared to 22 per cent a year ago, according to JobsOutlook.

Commenting on the latest figures, Roger Tweedy, the REC’s Director of Research, said:

“It is a very positive sign that private sector employers are continuing to look to temporary staff to offer them flexibility while there is still concern over the UK economy. This trend also ties in with the latest findings from our Report on Jobs which showed demand for staff at its highest level since June last year.

“Feedback from public sector employers suggests that they are reconfiguring their resourcing in the readiness for growth.”

He added:

“However, the full force of cuts in public sector spending is still to be felt.  We are confident that in the long-term, demand in the economy will lead to private sector businesses employing more people and them being able to largely make up for the public sector fall-out.”

JobsOutlook is based on a monthly survey of employers with results based on a sample of 600 on a three month rolling basis. To subscribe to JobsOutlook, contact Tracey McManus,


Contact: Tracey McManus

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