Proposal to sell off UK visas 'untenable' says REC

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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Released on 13 April 2011

Responding to an Institute of Economic Affairs report that recommends selling off UK work visas,  the REC has warned against the impact of such an approach on smaller businesses and the wider labour market.
Gillian Econopouly, Head of Public Policy at the REC said:
“The auctioning of visas to work in the UK was explored and ultimately rejected during the UKBA's consultation on the immigration cap last year. This was a common sense victory for smaller employers, skilled workers wishing to come to the UK, and the labour market as a whole.
“While the immigration cap remains problematic for many companies, the current policy does take into account shortage occupations and the actual needs of employers in determining which workers can take up jobs in the UK. Under the current rules, both larger and smaller firms can become visa sponsors in order to bring in the skilled workers they need.
“Allowing visas to be allocated to individuals or companies who can pay a premium would only create an unequal playing field, and could fail to bring in the right workers with the necessary skills. Any sensible immigration regime must be based on actual labour market needs, rather than simply auctioning off visas to the highest bidder.”


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