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Wednesday, 04 May 2011

Released on 4 May 2011

The REC is undertaking a major review of all its compliance activities. The aim is to accelerate the progress that has been made over recent years to ensure the REC has the most comprehensive, robust and integrated approaches to compliance of any UK trade association. The input from Corporate Members is pivotal to this goal.

The review includes how to increase compliance checks on entry, the best method of ongoing compliance through a ‘risk based’ approach and reviewing the REC’s paid for audits.

To do this, the REC needs to get as much member input as possible so to help us achieve this, today we are launching a survey to get feedback on the review.

Members wanting to take part in the survey should visit the website, where the ten minute survey is located.  Those wanting to help us by participating in focus groups or helping us test new assessment tools should email to  putting “Compliance review” in the subject line.

Commenting on the aim of the review, Kevin Green, the REC’s Chief Executive, says:

“The REC is not a regulatory body. However, we have made a conscious decision to put standards and compliance at the heart of all member activities.  The Code of Professional Practice is our most important tool in improving the reputation of our industry. Compliance is an essential part of the REC’s work. It dovetails with our campaign to raise awareness among client organisations of the value of using REC recruiters.”

Highlighting some of the possible new measures, Clare Flower, the REC’s Compliance Policy Advisor, says: “Initial proposals include all new members having to pass a robust, online self-assessment. All existing members would have to pass a similar self-assessment at least once every two years to renew their membership.

“The focus is on establishing clear expectations of being an REC Corporate member and helping members achieve the required standards. It is not about looking to fail agencies and remove them from membership. Our job is to raise the standards of the industry by helping members to become compliant. We are entering a crucial consultation phase now where members will be giving feedback and piloting new approaches.”

The REC has been carrying out compliance for members for many years including inspections, a complaints process, audits, training and qualification.

 In 2010, the REC undertook 230 member inspections and a total of 349 issues were raised with the REC complaints team (compared with 360 in 2009). Formal investigations increased by over 50 per cent - from 11 in 2009 to 24 in 2010. Of these, 18 were resolved by REC Complaints Officers and six cases (involving 11 members in all) were referred to the REC’s Professional Standards Committee which is made up of representatives from the industry, the CBI and TUC. Sanctions imposed included nine reprimands and two mandatory inspections.

The compliance review will provide a step-change in the REC’s work to enhance professional standards and we welcome all views and opinions.


Contact: Ed Sexton

Phone: 020 7009 2192

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