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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Released on 27 April 2011

The REC expects the revised AWR guidance to be issued next week, and is hoping the final version will address some of the key concerns raised with BIS in recent weeks.
Those issues requiring further attention include clarification on the duration of working time provisions with regard to pay and allocated hours, a review of the rules for ending contracts under the 'Pay Between Assignments' exemption (also know as Regulation 10 or the 'Swedish Derogation'), and clearer criteria for the exemption of genuinely self-employed Limited Company Contractors.

Since the publication of draft guidance document earlier this month, the REC has met with BIS officials to flag up these areas and to suggest ways they could be made clearer for recruiters in the final version.
Gillian Econopouly, the REC's Head of Public Policy commented:
"The REC has been working with BIS over the past few months by attending the guidance workshop sessions and holding one-on-one meetings. Our priority has been to provide substantive feedback from our members and alert BIS officials to the issues which remain a source of concern for those who supply and engage temporary workers. 
"We have lately met with BIS to discuss the draft guidance in detail, and we expect to see some of the issues we raised addressed more fully in the final document.
"The guidance will never be a magic wand or an instant solution for dealing with AWR, but we continue to urge government to make the document as business-friendly as possible to facilitate smooth implementation and minimal disruption to the UK's model of flexible work."
The REC's response to the draft guidance can be accessed via the REC website at: .

The REC will also be working with its sector groups to look at sector-specific implementation of AWR. 


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