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Report from the Labour conference
Apprenticeship levy - steps towards greater flexibility in...
Report from the Lib Dem conference
Looking ahead to party conference season
31st Jan 2017
The NHS is suffering one of its worst winters ever. A chronic lack of proper funding, a crisis in
26th Jan 2017
Attracting talent
We’ve saw a lot of media coverage yesterday about workplace dress codes, following a report
12th Jan 2017
Paul Broadbent, CEO of the Gangmasters Licensing Authority, explains how the organisation will
03rd Jan 2017
REC chief executive Kevin Green outlines our vision for 2017
22nd Dec 2016
2016, a year that will go down in history due to momentous, and largely unpredicted, ballot results
13th Dec 2016
For employers, snow can present a plethora of legal issues, compounded by balancing work production
09th Dec 2016
This month’s NI Policy Forum in Belfast brought together REC members from a wide-range of sectors,
24th Nov 2016
Business Advice
Woodland Consultancy Services uses the REC’s client and candidate attraction toolkit to talk about
23rd Nov 2016
Research & Data
Today the Chancellor announced a series of measures around tax, productivity and for regional
17th Nov 2016
Business Advice
Richard Morgan, managing director of Remit Resources, tells us why he’s proud to be a recruiter.
11th Nov 2016
REC View & Campaigns
The REC hosted the launch of the government’s Disability Confident scheme at REC HQ, alongside the
27th Oct 2016
REC View & Campaigns
Hire Me My Way is a national campaign created to increase the number of part-time and flexible jobs,
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