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14th Sep 2017
One common misconception that is bandied about is that the recruitment industry isn’t effectively
22nd Aug 2017
Access to data is essential to the running of any successful organisation nowadays and for
21st Aug 2017
It’s essential that recruiters get to grips with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation
11th Aug 2017
Employers are having to increase starting salaries to secure the talent they need.
10th Aug 2017
What does the post-Brexit jobs market look like in Northern Ireland?
03rd Aug 2017
Policy & Sectors
The recruitment industry needs to be constantly adapting and preparing for the future.
27th Jul 2017
Policy & Sectors
update on where we are at and the key themes that are starting to emerge.
21st Jul 2017
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect across the EU on 25 May 2018.
18th Jul 2017
Kevin Green talks about the REC's latest research, Tune in to temps: how employers and recruiters
11th Jul 2017
REC View & Campaigns
The Matthew Taylor review into modern working practices was published today.
30th Jun 2017
REC View & Campaigns
June 21 saw the return of the annual Talent Recruitment & Employment Conference (TREC), the flagship
21st Jun 2017
Today’s Speech was scaled back and focused mainly on Brexit. However, there were a few areas that
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