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Welcome to 2020
Welcome to 2020
REC View & Campaigns 06th Jan 2020

Are you ready for 2020?

Welcome to 2020! Moving on from the turbulence of 2019 to look forward with enthusiasm and optimism for the new year feels so good.

That said, I don’t think we are in business as usual mode just yet. Clients and candidates are still more cautious than normal - and there are big changes coming down the track for recruiters, not least around IR35 and changes to employment law. And there is that perennial question of what Brexit will really mean. 

Although the REC can’t control everything, we can certainly help you prepare for the big challenges you face - in the market, in your business and from government.    

My job is to make sure the REC frees you up to leap into action, doing what you do best for your clients and candidates. We're here to help you steer your ship through whatever waters lie ahead – choppy or not! Here is my checklist for the big issues we will prioritise on your behalf.

My 2020 checklist:


  1. 2020 legal changes – are you ready? 6 April 2020 is the date for your diary, with three pieces of legislation coming into force and the probable extension of the off-payroll rules into the private sector (IR35). We're still campaigning on these, but we also have a wealth of resources on our IR35 hub and Good Work hub to help you prepare.
  2. Brexit is the most definite it has ever been. So how are you preparing your EU nationals and securing candidates of the future, post 31 Jan? We’ll be lobbying for a fit-for-purpose immigration system but in the meantime, you need a Brexit plan in place.
  3. A global economic slowdown isn’t something we have the power to stop. No matter how much I told Santa I’d been good…  We can, however, build up resilience in our workforce. Whether that is improving skills through training, or improved support for mental health and wellbeing, which has been rising up the agenda for all businesses. A great way to build that professional reputation is by developing programmes for your own staff’s wellbeing and leading by example for clients. We're here to help.
  4. We know AI and machine learning are the future. What does that mean for your everyday? Our research programme will be looking at big issues like the future for platforms, and the options recruiters have. But we'll also be working with LinkedIn and MH+A, amongst others, to provide you with thought leadership to capitalise on this transformational change.
  5. Diversity and inclusion are vital to growing your business in 2020, with increased client focus on the issue. Pre-empt your clients’ needs and do the right thing. Morals matter – take your position now and make society and business better for it. Not least because - in a time of low candidate availability - we earn our fees by looking where clients can't. We'll be sharing good practice from members - but also from the 500 client businesses (employing 3m people!) that now work with the REC through our Good Recruitment Collective.
  6. The Government has made it clear it wants to crack down on umbrella companies that don’t play by the rules. Bad practice by some umbrellas is coming up in more and more conversations I have with members. I want to hear your thoughts on the subject and experience of working with them, so we can really push the Government on this agenda. IR35 changes should not proceed before we know that this sector is well regulated in law.

We will have plenty of chances to discuss all of this and more in coming months. You will see us out and about with regional insights that will give you an edge over competitors. My personal commitment to you is that the REC will be relevant in every part of the UK.

Hopefully, you will have seen and like our new look and feel. We can’t wait for you to experience the new website – going live in 2020.

This is #YourREC and I am proud to lead it. I wish you and your business a prosperous 2020.

Stay in touch and I’ll see you on the road!

Neil Carberry

Neil Carberry
Neil Carberry - chief executive, REC

Neil Carberry was appointed as chief executive of the REC in June 2018. He was previously managing director at the CBI, where he led the work of the UK’s leading business organisation on employment, the labour market, skills, energy, climate and infrastructure. He is a member of the Council of Acas and the Low Pay Commission and a Fellow of the CIPD.

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