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09th Aug 2018
Business Advice
How artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning allows more and more industries to drive
22nd May 2018
Attracting talent
Google for Jobs is coming to the UK - but the recruitment industry has literally nothing to fear
08th Jan 2018
Business Advice
Content marketing is the act of creating content like blog posts, videos, and social media updates
22nd Aug 2017
Access to data is essential to the running of any successful organisation nowadays and for
01st Jun 2017
Attracting talent
It’s clear that we need to champion good recruitment in all its guises. As professional advisors,
23rd Nov 2016
Research & Data
Today the Chancellor announced a series of measures around tax, productivity and for regional
25th Feb 2016
In 2015 the MAC was asked by the government to consult on the Tier 2 visa system
17th Dec 2015
The REC and skilled migration- the debate is far from over
02nd Nov 2015
REC Policy Advisor, Philip Campbell, provides an update on immigration for REC members and the wider
01st Oct 2015
Attracting talent
An update from the REC on what constitutes a sensible skilled immigration system
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