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25th Mar 2020
REC View & Campaigns
The NHS needs our support during the coronavirus outbreak
23rd Mar 2020
Business Advice
Your team, your managers and your colleagues are very important during this time. But you are just
12th Mar 2020
Business Advice
We have created lots of templates for you to use and guidance for you to follow!
04th Mar 2020
Business Advice
This is the final national speaking tour Greg Savage will ever do in the UK, so, don’t miss this
16th Jan 2020
REC View & Campaigns
The negotiations are only just starting, and you can help REC influence them
06th Jan 2020
REC View & Campaigns
Are you ready?
12th Dec 2019
Business Advice
IR35 requires businesses that engage the services of contractors operating through their own limited
05th Dec 2019
Policy & Sectors
The core messages from the latest gathering of life sciences recruiters
27th Nov 2019
REC View & Campaigns
We’ve spent over 100 hours consulting you and now, we can finally unveil the results!
20th Nov 2019
REC View & Campaigns
We’re only a week away from launching our new brand at this year’s REC industry awards ceremony.
14th Nov 2019
REC View & Campaigns
Recruitment industry leaders have a pivotal role to play in making great work happen.
13th Nov 2019
Business Advice
The one big piece of advice we give individuals who are serious about setting up their own
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