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19th Feb 2020
REC View & Campaigns
The government's proposed immigration plans will dramatically affect the labour market
30th Jan 2020
REC View & Campaigns
What does Friday’s milestone really mean (and not mean) and what’s next for REC members?
16th Jan 2020
REC View & Campaigns
The negotiations are only just starting, and you can help REC influence them
11th Oct 2019
REC View & Campaigns
Three prominent BBC presenters have been landed with a tax bill of £920,000 after HMRC ruled last
04th Oct 2019
Policy & Sectors
The REC was on the ground for the trilogy of political party get-togethers
17th Sep 2019
Business Advice
Many of our clients within the recruitment sector are increasingly looking to expand their business
13th Sep 2019
REC View & Campaigns
Since the start of the year, we have engaged directly with over 1000 REC members through webinars,
05th Sep 2019
REC View & Campaigns
REC director Tom Hadley reviews yesterday's announcements
23rd Aug 2019
REC View & Campaigns
A summary of the REC's press coverage this week
21st Aug 2019
REC View & Campaigns
We look at the consequences of the end of Freedom of Movement
02nd Jul 2019
Policy & Sectors
Our recent Drivers webinar discussed skills shortages, immigration and planned changes to
25th Jun 2019
Policy & Sectors
Three messages to emerge from the latest meeting of the REC Industrial Sector.
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