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Strengthen your regional expertise with REC-Emsi Workforce Intelligence reports
Strengthen your regional expertise with REC-Emsi Workforce Intelligence reports
Research & Data 16th Oct 2019

Earlier in June, we announced our partnership with labour market analyst Emsi UK to introduce a series of research to provide REC members with employment and job growth insights for each Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) in England, and single reports for each of the UK nations – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Economic and political developments since the Brexit referendum in June 2016 have highlighted, more than ever, that recruitment businesses need to be well-informed of labour market conditions and able to have different strategic conversations with clients. Lacking job market awareness and confidence to offer clients advice on business planning can greatly undermine their credibility.

In fact, being jobs market experts is at the heart of the value recruiters add to clients and candidates. Building strong relationships with existing and new clients as well as successfully winning more business largely depends on the agency’s geographical and skills sourcing expertise.

Alongside the quality of services offered, employers have consistently cited this as most important when selecting their recruitment agency partners. According to our monthly JobsOutlook, the proportion of employers that highlight the importance of this increased from 70% in July 2018 to a noteworthy 92% in July 2019. This rose to 95% among public sector hirers of temporary agency workers, significantly higher than the figure of 57% recorded a year earlier.

The role of data in building strategic relationships with your clients

The Workforce Intelligence series, a service free for REC members, provides detailed data and insight on key issues such as jobs and job posting trends, industry growth and headline occupation categories. By bringing together different data sources to create the most robust dataset available at a very local level, recruitment businesses can deepen their understanding of labour market dynamics and provide better support to clients and candidates. At the same time, whether they are looking to diversify, specialise in certain sectors, or expand into new territories, the reports will enable recruitment businesses to make better-informed decisions about the direction and growth of their own business.

Find out more about the REC and Emsi’s new Workforce Intelligence series and access this valuable insight on hundreds of industries and occupations at the lowest local levels here.

Want access to our range of research reports but not an REC member yet? Talk to our team today by calling +44 (0) 20 7009 2100 or by requesting a callback.  

Thalia Ioannidou - Research Manager at the REC
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