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REC Manifesto – Calling all industry activists!
REC Manifesto – Calling all industry activists!
REC View & Campaigns 14th Nov 2019

More than three-quarters (76 per cent) of people say they want business leaders to have a voice on the big issues of the day and take a lead on change, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer. With the REC Manifesto hitting the newswires this week, recruitment industry leaders have a pivotal role to play in spreading the word and showcasing our sector’s role in making great work happen.

Calling all industry activists!

As well as taking forward priority issues for the industry in the run-up to 12 December, we will be using the manifesto to build links with incoming MPs and ministers after the election. We are calling on REC members to be industry ‘activists’ during both stages:

  • Over the coming weeks, use the manifesto to inform any discussions you have with candidates or any hustings event.
  • Once the die is cast and the votes are in, circulate the manifesto to incoming MPs in your areas and use this to raise awareness of our industry’s contribution.

Let’s get the messages out

The UK recruitment sector places over a million people into new permanent jobs every year and ensures that a million temporary and contract workers are on assignment on any given day – let’s shout it out!

Let’s also use the manifesto to ramp up the noise around our four campaigning themes and specific asks to the next government:

  1. Ensure that good work and flexibility go hand in hand – Protect two-way flexibility that benefits both workers and businesses and evolve the Apprenticeship Levy so that funding can be used to boost progression opportunities for agency workers.
  2. Harness brilliant recruitment to drive productivity and inclusive growth – Put people at the heart of the Industrial Strategy and create a ‘Good Recruitment Taskforce’ to support better hiring by businesses.
  3. Create the environment for great businesses to thrive – Delay IR35 as rushed legislation is the last thing business needs at the current time; improve enforcement of existing regulations; introduce a two-year temporary work route as part of a new immigration policy that works for recruiters; and use public procurement to drive standards and value – let’s learn the lessons from Carillion!
  4. Take the lead on the future of jobs – Ensure that regulations keep pace with technological change to protect workers and tap into the expertise of recruitment professionals to pre-empt disruption and facilitate career transitions.

What’s next?

An increasing number of REC members are ready to engage with MPs in their area as well as with local enterprise partnerships, chambers of commerce and local schools/colleges. Using the manifesto messages to influence the big debates of the day is good for the brand of your own business and good for the brand of our industry as a provider of new solutions to emerging labour market challenges. Let’s get involved and make great work happen!

Tom Hadley
Tom Hadley - Director of Policy & Campaigns

Tom Hadley is Director of Policy and Campaigns at the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). His role focuses on lobbying key Government and EU officials on a range of labour market issues and highlighting REC initiatives to promote industry standards, including enforcement of a Code of Professional Practice, audit schemes and the Diversity Pledge. Previous roles include six years at the CBI, working at recruitment and economic development consultancy MBA Training Research & Development, a traineeship within the European Commission and working for the in-house legal department of the French multi-national Vivendi. Find him on Twitter @hadleyscomment.

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