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REC Drivers - finding a way forward
REC Drivers - finding a way forward
Policy & Sectors 27th Sep 2019

The expression (or curse), ‘May you live in interesting times’, has never been more fitting than the current climate in the UK. Whilst Westminster-watchers may be avidly waiting to see what will happen next, businesses are concerned by the ongoing uncertainty around Brexit.

This was the message from our recent event for REC’s specialist driver and logistic recruiters. These recruiters, their workers and clients are struggling to plan ahead whilst Parliament remains in stalemate, and we need to see MPs working together to find a way forward.

We were fortunate to be joined by Guto Bebb, MP for Aberconwy; Graham Lackey, Managing Director of Brit European Group and Sally Gilson, Head of Skills at the Freight Transport Association.

The government continues to roll out proposals from its Good Work Plan with several pieces of legislation due to come into effect from 6 April 2020. Most recently the government has begun consulting on a range of proposals including the creation of a single enforcement body for workers’ rights, the possible extension of licensing to ‘high risk’ sectors, proposals to tackle one-sided flexibility, and policies to support families and reduce job loss through illness. We are currently surveying our members and your feedback will help us ensure that we make a strong case in our response for the recruitment industry.

An important part of the REC's work is engagement with politicians and other stakeholders to ensure that our members’ voices are heard. Former minister Guto Bebb MP spoke at our Drivers events and highlighted the value of such engagement to MPs, as well as how businesses and trade associations can work with MPs to drive forward campaigns. Be assured that the REC will continue to provide a strong, single voice to make the case for our members and brilliant recruitment.

Skills shortages continue to be a problem for the drivers and logistics sector and this has been exasperated by the sector struggling to attract new and younger recruits. The REC has been campaigning to broaden the Apprenticeship Levy into a skills and training levy so that temporary workers are able to access the training to allow them to upskill. The REC recently wrote to the Chancellor urging him to reform the levy and we are grateful that this was co-signed by the FTA and other trade bodies. You can also support our campaigning by signing our petition.

Finally, we’d like to thank Gethin Roberts for all his hard work as Drivers sector chair and welcome Mick Skerrett as the new chair of the sector group.

If you would like to find out more about our Drivers sector group or have any questions about the topics in this blog then email or you can follow him on Twitter @CHrtly.

Christopher Hartley
Christopher Hartley - Policy Advisor
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