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Opening the door to an innovative future for Executive Search
Opening the door to an innovative future for Executive Search
Policy & Sectors 17th Oct 2019

Voluminous amounts of research have now been published about the distinct merits for organisations to build diverse and inclusive work cultures. The UK has been making progress in this area, but it is clear that more needs to be done. Initially thought of as responsible for perpetuating much of the homogony in British boardrooms and executive offices, the UK executive search industry was last year cited by the Hampton Alexander Review as a positive force in ushering in diversity to UK business.

It is clear that the executive search industry is taking a lead role in accelerating the progress of the diversity agenda; which serves to illustrate how the sector can act in ways considered outside its traditional purview, but which have a significant impact on the leadership of companies.

This diversity effort feeds into a broader trend in the workplace, where the contours are rapidly adjusting as companies transition to new work models; develop and implement new technologies; and respond to the demand for new skills among a shifting talent pool. Many leadership requirements are emerging in this evolving environment, and the executive search sector is delivering the services that businesses need to stay competitive.

To remain a valuable stakeholder, executive search companies must continue to offer expertise and progressive insights on a multitude of human resource related matters that universally dominate company business plans. To help promote this push for higher quality services and innovation from executive search practitioners, the AER (Association of Executive Recruiters) is pleased to publish, Leading the Search: Good Practice in Excutive Search.

Leading the Search: Good Practice in Excutive Search provides advice based on the collective insights of our members; and for the first time offers our executive search members (irrespective of their maturity or scale) the chance to implement some of the recognised operational and strategic practices upon which their businesses can flourish. But it also leaves the door open to exceed these standards and bring about new and innovative approaches that will keep our industry moving forward. By using the guide, our members will continue to be trusted partners for the provision of executive search services and solutions for tomorrow’s leadership needs.


This blog was written by Karl Simpson, the founder/CEO of Liftstream and chair of the Association of Executive Recruiters, an REC sector group.

Ornella Nsio - Stakeholder Engagement Manager

Ornella Nsio works with the policy team to represent the interests and concerns of  members to policymakers and stakeholders in a number of sectors including executive search, interim management, financial and legal services, HR and office support. She also works on cross-sectoral issues including employment tax, social mobility and inclusion policy. Prior to joining the REC, Ornella worked in youth and education policy.

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