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New Good Work Plan guidance
New Good Work Plan guidance
Policy & Sectors 11th Oct 2019

With six months to go until they are due to come into effect, the government has now published guidance for both the Key Information Document (KID) and the repeal of Swedish Derogation.

Resulting from the government's Good Work Plan, these changes wil take place from 6 April 2020, as well as a written statement for all workers and increasing the holiday reference period from 12 to 52 weeks.

Key Information Document

The principle of the KID is to increase transparency and help work-seekers to understand how they will be paid and what deductions will be made. It must be given to the worker before any agreement has been made between the employment business and worker.

Unlike with other parts of the Conduct Regulations there is no opt-out of the requirement to provide a Key Information Document.

Repeal of Swedish Derogation

In addition there has also been a change to the Agency Workers Regulations 2010, which mean that from April next year, pay between assignments will no longer be possible.

The REC will be supporting members in the coming months by holding regular events to keep members in different sectors updated and providing guidance on what these changes mean for recruitment businesses.

If you would like to stay updated about these changes then you can visit our Good Work Hub or sign up for our monthly Legal Bulletin.

Our team of experts are touring the country during January and March 2020 to offer practical advice and business support to help you prepare for the government’s Good Work Plan. Book your place here

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