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Introducing your brand new REC
Introducing your brand new REC
REC View & Campaigns 27th Nov 2019

We’ve spent over 100 hours consulting you and now, we can finally unveil the results!

We are really proud of what we stand for at the REC - ethical, professional recruiters who make a difference every day. That’s also what members and external stakeholders, from politicians to employers, tell us.

We wanted to capture all this in our new brand. It’s a brand that sends that message and better represents recruiters.

The look we have gone for is professional but approachable. It’s centred around recruiters - so you will see lots of images of people in the future, no more faceless icons. AI may be the partial future of jobs but we’re going to need humans too, especially when it comes to recruiting people!


It isn’t just about how we look, our new brand is also transforming how we sound. We got used to being told the REC looked and sounded dated – and to be honest, we thought that was how it had to be. When you are dealing with the serious topics of compliance and legal guidance, there is a standard corporate way of doing things but that doesn’t necessarily make things easier to understand for the reader. We are changing that now – no more stuffy unnecessary corporate speak.

We can do legal and compliance in a vibrant and modern way. Have you met our legal and compliance gurus? They’re awesome. They explain stuff that’s really complicated in plain English and you will catch the team making the odd joke... often at the expense of HMRC.

When it comes to making a statement - you, our members, pushed us to be bolder. We’ve made a start here already. Take a look at our manifesto. Our calls to action to whichever political party/ies win the general election, are clear and powerful. It’s all underpinned by our brand new strapline: “Making Great Work Happen”. We’ve been delighted by the reaction to it and how often we’ve been quoted and even copied - it proves we’re going in the right direction.

Finally, our new logo brings this all together - honestly, stick with me on this one, it’s more than creative jargon. The logo should be “read” from left to right. Individually (the circles) stand alone. Just as each of our members have their own identity and hold their own. But when we start to join together in a network, we form something better and stronger. Together we are a collective - the true meaning of a Confederation.


This is just the start of our changes, designed by and for our members. Next week, we’re switching on a new CRM so we can improve our membership information and next year, members will have access to a brand new website that will make it even easier to work with us.

It was brilliant to share our new brand with such a fantastic audience at last night’s Awards. And now, you too can see our new brand in action - let us know what you think!

Watch our brand launch movie here


Kate Shoesmith
Kate Shoesmith

Head of Member Engagement

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