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Introducing the #RECBrexitSeries – helping REC members prepare their businesses for Brexit
Introducing the #RECBrexitSeries – helping REC members prepare their businesses for Brexit
REC View & Campaigns 23rd Jan 2019

While the uncertainty around Brexit continues, supporting our members ahead of and post-Brexit is a key priority. With a range of possible outcomes for Brexit, our aim is to guide our members through the potential scenarios and how they can prepare their businesses for different eventualities.

Supporting the REC & IRP members

As part of our 2019 offering for our corporate and IRP members, we have launched a series of interactive webinars and regional workshops with the aim of helping members understand what different Brexit scenarios mean for recruitment businesses, including the challenges and opportunities that come with each scenario, how to plan ahead and mitigate risk.

The #RECBrexitSeries is made up of interactive webinars and regional workshops, and will be hosted by our senior recruitment industry experts.

Countdown to Brexit webinar series

The ‘Countdown to Brexit’ members-only webinars will take stock of the latest political developments and of what different scenarios could mean for recruiters. Across the series, we’ll look at:

  • The latest political developments; what could different Brexit scenarios mean for recruiters and for specific sectors and regions?
  • How is Brexit currently impacting on hiring trends and what is the outlook for 2019?
  • What can recruiters do now to prepare for different eventualities; how are clients, and candidates responding?
  • How can recruiters use Brexit-related workforce challenges to build a more strategic rapport with clients?
  • How might government policy on immigration and skills pan out, how can we influence the outcome?
  • What other factors will drive the future of jobs, how can the recruitment industry continue to thrive despite the current uncertainty?

Below you’ll find the schedule of upcoming webinars. Click on the links below to register.

  • Thursday, 31st January 1:00pm to 1:45pm - Hosted by Tom Hadley and Sophie Wingfield - Register here
  • Thursday, 28th February 1:00pm to 1:45pm – Hosted by Tom Hadley and Kate Shoesmith - Register here
  • Friday, 29th March 1:00pm to 1:45pm – Hosted by Tom Hadley - Register here

Navigating Brexit workshops

As part of our regional support throughout this period of Brexit uncertainty, we’ll be holding a series of 'Navigating Brexit' workshops for recruitment business across the country. At these regional workshops, we will discuss and answer questions around the following areas:

  • What are the possible Brexit scenarios and how might each one impact on hiring activities, client needs and on my own business?
  • What can I do to mitigate risk and prepare for different eventualities?
  • Taking stock of latest national, regional and sectoral jobs data and market trends - How can I interpret and relay this information to clients and internal staff?
  • How are recruiters innovating to address staff shortages and using Brexit-related workforce challenges to build a more strategic rapport with clients?
  • How can recruiters inform and reassure EU workers about settled status and what is the outlook for post-Brexit immigration and skills strategy?
  • What sectors and job roles are most likely to be disrupted in the future?
  • What overseas markets and/or other sectors could provide new opportunities?

See our schedule of workshops and register early to book your space.

REC members can attend for free. Non-members are welcome to attend these events. Please call 0207 009 2100 to book and pay for your place @ £149+VAT. 

Further support

These series of Brexit webinars and workshops will be in addition to our regular sector group meetings and webinars such as Talking Recruitment. Brexit will, of course, be an issue of discussion at these events. Check out the list of our upcoming sector group meetings here.

Our dedicated Brexit hub

All our Brexit related content, events and post-event assets will be available to members via our dedicated Brexit hub. You will find a collection of reports around post-Brexit scenarios, blogs, policy updates and more here. Proceed to the Brexit Hub >>

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