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How AI is Shaping Better Candidate and Client Experiences
How AI is Shaping Better Candidate and Client Experiences
Business Advice 09th Aug 2018

There’s currently a lot of buzz around artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, with off-the-shelf solutions allowing more and more industries to drive progress and achieve efficient growth.

Recruitment is no different. The industry is beginning to adopt AI solutions to help with everything from talent acquisition to candidate appraisals, but, how exactly is machine learning helping to shape better candidate and client experiences across the sector?

Matching the right candidate to the right job

Candidate outreach can be a laborious and a time-consuming task. Reading through endless CVs and LinkedIn profiles trying to match candidates to jobs often leads to a pool of talent either not suited to the role, or even worse, just not that interested in the jobs you’re offering.

Profile augmentation uses machine learning to scan a candidate's language and behaviours, painting a picture of what they want to do, not just what they currently do. This information can be used to uncover a candidate’s hidden skills and interests, allowing you to recommend more suitable jobs that better match their ambition.

Elsewhere, intelligent targeting is using the power of AI to automatically break down your employee value proposition by personas. This is enabling recruitment agencies to personalise the initial outreach phase of the process to pique the interest of potential applicants by highlighting the aspects of the job that matter most to them.

Saving time through automation

Automating the CV screening process, not only saves you time, but can be a great way of more accurately building a pool of candidates suited to a particular role, whilst simultaneously weeding out unqualified applicants. This frees you up to focus on nurturing your top talent and ensuring that your clients are only hiring the best of the best!

Most agencies that value candidate service will also use a live chat function on their website to respond quickly to smaller scale queries and help guide applicants through the process. The advent of chatbots means that sophisticated AI can now take over this process for you, answering basic questions from candidates and leading them on a structured journey designed to optimise placement opportunities.
Using AI to understand agency performance

This time saving automation is now also available when collecting candidate feedback. Intelligent review capture software allows agencies to create tailored feedback requests at multiple touchpoints of the candidate’s journey, which seamlessly feeds into automatic reporting and analytics features.

By automating this process agencies can significantly reduce the time and people hours needed to gain invaluable insight into how their business is perceived by both candidates and clients. They can also use the insight gained to help them make more informed business decisions and resolve any potential issues that applicants are having.

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