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Change is coming…
Change is coming…
REC View & Campaigns 30th Oct 2019

It’s a busy time at REC HQ as we prepare to launch our new brand in just four weeks’ time.

We’ve spent a lot of time talking to members about what you need from us – and we can’t wait to show you our plans.

Here are three ways we’re shaking things up so that we can do more for recruiters.

Introducing: REC Professionals

A big issue that was raised during our customer research was the confusion involved in having a semi-detached Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP) brand running alongside the REC.

For more than 10 years the IRP has been our offer for individuals, representing more than 10,500 recruiters. IRP members are proud to be part of a professional body – but they consistently told us that they would prefer to be closer to the REC because that’s the brand that their clients and candidates know and understand.

So we’re making that happen.

We’re replacing the IRP with “REC Professionals” so that individuals working within recruitment can join us and be recognised as part of the largest recruitment professional body in the UK.

REC Professional membership will offer everything previously covered by the IRP:

  • professional recognition
  • discounted training and qualifications
  • a wide range of discounts on shopping, holidays, tech and more
  • guidance and advice from our networks

If you’re already an IRP member, you’ll automatically become an REC Professional – we will contact you with more information in the coming weeks.

We’ve made this change to enable more recruiters, whether agency-side or inhouse, to join the REC. This is important, because it will strengthen our collective voice, giving us more weight when campaigning on behalf of the recruitment industry. And it will allow us to offer even better deals based on the economies of scale we can achieve.

Our new and improved “Good Recruitment Collective” 

Similar motivations have led us to change the name of the GRC to the “Good Recruitment Collective” rather than “Good Recruitment Campaign”.

Over the last five years the GRC has grown to include almost 500 companies, employing more than 3.5 million workers in the UK.

When we talked to the companies that have signed up to the initiative, it became clear that they see the GRC as more than a time-limited campaign – it’s about creating a network or collective of like-minded inhouse recruiters and HR professionals who are committed to our Good Recruitment Charter.  

The name change reflects that - it’s all about giving us a clearer message and identity.

Easy-to-use online resources

Our website has needed a revamp for some time. Members have made it very clear that it is too difficult to navigate.

Launching in the New Year, our new website will be a powerful resource for corporate and professional members. It will be much easier to find the information you need, so that no matter how the jobs market changes your first port of call will be the REC. 

The new site will even suggest content based on what we know about you – so the more you engage with us, the better we’ll be at supporting your career and your business.

Delivering value in 2020

We have lots more in store. We know that uncertainty will be the defining feature of the market in 2020, so we’re putting plans together which will help you prepare and stay ahead of the curve.

Now more than ever, the REC is your organisation, on your side. Find out more - stand by for launch

Alasdair Reynolds
Alasdair Reynolds

Head of Marketing & Digital, REC

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