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Business needs executive recruiters more than ever
Business needs executive recruiters more than ever
Employers 16th May 2018

I am pleased to take on the role of Chairman of the Association of Executive Recruiters. Developments globally and nationally mean this is a critical time for the leaders of UK business. The executive recruitment market has a vital role to play in continuing to bring forward the best of the current and future generation of leaders from across society.

The UK executive search industry remains a highly successful feature of a burgeoning UK recruitment services market that continues to have an impact domestically, as well as globally. Part of the REC, the Association of Executive Recruiters supports companies delivering executive recruitment, whether they’re headquartered in the UK or have affiliate operations here. And with close relationships with the leading executive search trade associations around Europe, the AER is able to provide a truly international perspective.

To achieve its aim, we have set out a new strategy which we believe will enable us to deliver the best possible support to existing and new members.  The overarching purpose of the AER is to increase the business advantage of members.

This overall purpose will be achieved by orienting our activities around four key areas, following feedback we received from our members on how we can continue to progress the sector. These are as follows:

  1. Knowledge and Insights – sharing knowledge and industry expertise which can help put executive search firms at the forefront of market opportunities, trends and changing practice.
  2. Good Practice – In 2018, the AER will launch a new ‘Good Practice’ guide, to support search firms to deliver a good service to clients and candidates, while remaining competitive.
  3. Operational Effectiveness – promoting approaches to new assessment techniques, data management and new technologies like those identified in the REC’s Future of jobs report.
  4. Policy and Advocacy – In recent years the AER has effectively engaged in policy and advocacy work in areas like gender and ethnic diversity, executive compensation, and the future of work. The AER will continue to be a forefront of these debates, championing the voice of executive search.

At the heart of the executive search industry’s mission is the continual improvement of leadership in the companies and organisations it serves. This requires the executive search industry to ensure that we’re helping UK businesses get the high-quality management they need. In doing so, we must also advance our own sector through innovation and expertise.

We hope in setting out this new strategy, we will strengthen the ties we have with existing members, as well as attract many new members to engage with us and learn more about what the AER can do for their executive recruitment business.

The AER’s next meeting is taking place on 21 June. You can book a place here.

Karl Simpson - CEO at Liftstream

Karl is founder and CEO of Liftstream, a company he has led to become a market leader in championing diversity in the life sciences sector in Europe and the US. Karl is currently the Chairman of the Association of Executive Recruiters, and a member of the board of Men As Change Agents (Women’s Business Council).

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