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How will Brexit affect the recruitment industry, freedom of movement and labour market?


What's happened so far?  

On 29 March 2017, Prime Minister Theresa May invoked Article 50(2) of the Lisbon Treaty of the EU, giving the UK two years to negotiate its withdrawal from the EU unless an extension is granted by its remaining 27 members.


How does Brexit affect recruiters and the recruitment industry? 

The government has indicated that free movement will end once we have left the European Union in 2019. Based on polling of our membership the primary concern for recruiters will be the impact Brexit may have on accessing candidates. With EU nationals making up over 7 per cent of the UK’s workforce, and being over represented in low and middle skilled roles, the impact of an end to free movement will be a significant challenge for recruiters, particularly those who specialise in sectors more reliant on EU migrants.The REC has listened to members concerns and have created this Brexit hub in order to keep our members informed. 


What happens to EU citizens currently living in the UK?

EU citizens currently living in the UK need to apply for Settled Status or pre-settled Status. The scheme will open fully by 30 March 2019. The test phase opened on 20 January. Applying during the test phase will involve a fee (which will be refunded) of £65. The deadline to apply is 30 June 2021, or until 31 December 2020 if the UK leaves the EU without a deal. More information can be found on the Home Office’s website.  


What’s next? 

REC’s work over the coming weeks and months will focus on helping members prepare for different Brexit scenarios, through the following schedule of webinars and workshops. Click the below image to book onto one of these events *FREE for REC members 

Brexit support timeline

Navigating Brexit Workshop - Cardiff


REC members have exclusive access to a series of events throughout 2019 including webinars, forums, conferences, roundtables and keynotes covering the big issues shaping the industry and employment. Join the REC to benefit from a range of services that are designed to save you time, money and worry so you can grow and compete.

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REC Brexit reports

The REC has commissioned a series of reports that examine options for post-Brexit immigration policy. We have discussed these reports with government, putting the interest of our members to key decision makers. You can read our research reports, blogs and policy updates below.

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