Five centuries in business has made Royal Mail more than a household name. We connect companies, customers and communities across the country, delivering a ‘one-price-goes-anywhere’, universal postal service to more than 29 million addresses across the UK.

A FTSE 100 organisation, we’re undertaking one of the biggest industrial transformations in the UK in recent history.  With declining letter volumes we are focused on leveraging the increasing parcel numbers driven by the growth of the online shopping industry. We want to be more flexible and efficient and are employing our strong brand and a range of new products and services to achieve this.

In addition General Logistics Systems (GLS), our European parcels business, operates one of the largest ground-based, deferred parcel delivery networks in Europe. 

Royal Mail has long been part of the fabric of the UK.  Our people interact with customers on a daily basis, quite unlike most other companies.  Having values that incorporate our history as well as supporting our on-going evolution as an organisation is really important.

• Be positive – because it leads to better things faster

• Be brilliant – because we always want to be the best

• Be part of it – because it’s great to be part of something that matters.


For more information on Royal Mail and for job opportunities, click here.

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