Established in 2012, PrepWorld is an innovative and fast growing prepared fruit company supplying the UK market with high quality fresh cut packs. The business was initially established to market a range of soft fruit focused lines, showcasing BerryWorld’s unique berry varieties. It has quickly established itself as a supplier, covering the full range of all fruit types.

As a business we are focused on product quality, technical standards and innovation. In addition to our leadership in berries, we have a strength in UK based pomegranate and coconut production where we have invested to be able to supply the market with the freshest, season’s best product. As part of a wider fruit group, PrepWorld have always focused on procurement, in particular the sourcing of higher value, seasonal fruit typically been underserved in the prepared market. This focus has led both to the creation of highly popular seasonal fresh-cut ranges, showcasing fruits as wide-ranging as figs, cherries, plums, pears, raspberries, apricots and prepared bananas. This innovation is underpinned by a focus on technical controls and standards to ensure a safe, high quality, long life product.

PrepWorld was the Gold Winner in the Fruit category at the Grocer Own Label 2015 for its Berry Medley line supplied to Tesco.

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