Meeting people’s personal health and well-being needs

Delivering superb user experiences

Today’s consumers take an ever-increasing interest in their own - and their family’s - personal health and well-being. Whether it’s relaxing by listening to music, exercising in the gym, improving their personal appearance or feeding their newborn infants, they want advanced yet easy-to-use solutions that deliver superb user experiences. The phenomenon is global, and the pace of change is breathtaking.


Capturing people’s imagination

Working in Philips Personal Health team puts you at the heart of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) markets, introducing meaningful innovations that set new trends. That take the end-user experience beyond what’s currently possible. That capture people’s imagination and heighten their enjoyment. And that help drive our global growth.


A career with a multitude of directions

Your career with us can take you in a multitude of directions. To virtually any part of the world. In the commercial organizations and business groups that drive our business; Health & Wellness, Domestic Appliances, Coffee and Personal Care. Or through applying your know-how in centralized functions ranging from design and HR to strategy management. The choice is yours!

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