French lens manufacturer BBGR has been producing innovative eyewearfor more than 160 years. The quality of BBGR lenses is tried and tested, giving you the guarantee of optimal visual accuracy and comfort.

Established in 1846, the BBGR Provins plant can lay claim to a long-standing legacy of skill and expertise. Today it is Europe's largest lens production and development facility. 

BBGR's product range offers an extensive choice of high-tech lenses for all visual needs and all types of frames.

BBGR is one of the leading European manufacturers of optical lenses. These result in a productive partnership with professionals and a unique opportunity to pay meticulous attention to evolving market needs.

We have strong corporate values, and pride ourselves in being a strong business partner to work with, and a supplier of innovative products.

The DNA of BBGR is summed up in 4 words: "Always closer", embodied by its values:  closeness,inventiveness, flexibility and trustworthiness.

These values are embodied every day and shared together. BBGR strives to offer its clients the assurance of a flexible and inventive partnership. 


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