TDM Contract

Sarah Ronan, managing consultant, TDM Contract

Background about the business

We recruit for the construction and property market. We work with FTSE 350 contractors and all the leading luxury contractors in London and the South East, many of which are well known PLC. We’ve historically recruited in the perms market, but we launched a contract division. Being members of the REC has been great and having access to the Legal Helpline is essential when you're recruiting in temp and contracting. 

Why did you join the REC?

It gives us a lot more credibility when clients have questions around compliance. We operate with limited company contractors. There’s a lot of changes in legislation - being a member of the REC and having access to those resources like webinars and Legal Helpline ensures we've got things covered, and it reassures our clients that we're taking our obligations to them seriously and making sure our compliance is where it needs to be.

What does REC membership mean to you?

It’s important in terms of not just the benefits on a practical day to day kind of things, but it's great to have as a network and resource to keep tabs on what’s happening in the industry. It helps legitimise an often maligned industry and it shows the industry has being proactive in terms of self-regulation. The REC is quite instrumental in that. 


How will you use REC membership in future?

There are various things coming up hearing what other REC members are dealing with post Brexit. It’s a great marketing tool, particularly when you’re launching a new area of business. The access to training is vital, especially when bringing in new consultants. It will continue to be a part of who we are in the contracts division.

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