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Expert business consultancy and support

The Recruitment Business Academy (RBA) is designed to support recruitment businesses reach their desired goals. All products and services within RBA have you and your business in mind, our consultancy product is no different. We know that business owners have a clear vision of where they want to go but may want assistance in implementing these strategies or sounding them out with experts in their field. Our mentors can carry out business diagnostics, finding out what is done well and what could be improved. This could give you all the relevant information you need to make informed decisions about whether to grow, up-skill staff or take a new marketing direction for example.

We can help you regardless of your business stage or the sector you work in. Want to develop your business strategy? Change the way you work or you have a particular problem that you need help with? REC mentors can help. 

Who is consultancy for?

We offer bespoke plans designed to fit your organisation, so prices vary depending on requirements and begin at £825 + VAT. Call us on 0207 009 2100 or email to discuss a solution that fits your needs and budget.    

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