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1 in 4 of the working population has some form of disability. With labour and skills shortages dominating our jobs market, being 'Disability Confident' in recruitment just makes sense – both commercially but also ethically.

This practical video series featuring leading experts on both recruitment and how to be Disability Confident, identifies where to start, how to build trust, and the simple steps we can all take to encourage more inclusive recruitment and retention strategies.

These videos are for every recruiter, hiring manager, HR professional and colleague who wants to be Disability Confident in recruiting.

Join Kate Headley, Founder of RIDI and the Clear Company, Pauline Miller, Chief Equity Officer at Dentsu, and Kate Shoesmith, Deputy CEO at the REC, as they talk us through Disability Confidence in Recruitment.

There are six short videos, each covering a particular topic relating to Disability Confidence, and you can also watch the full 30 minute session to get the in-depth view.

We hope you will find this report illuminating and that it challenges you to think about the future of your business and our industry. 

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Chapter 1: How to initiate the conversation

Not every disability is visible and often you may not know if a candidate or jobseeker has a disability, so when should you start a Disability Confident conversation and how should you approach it?

In this short video Kate Headley, Pauline Miller and Kate Shoesmith discuss why candidates may not feel comfortable sharing their disability from the outset and how recruiters can build trust and initiate a Disability Confident conversation by using a clear framework, and asking the right questions, the right way.

"The most important thing is to have the conversation. It's not easy for people to talk about their disability. It doesn't define them totally." Kate Headley,  Founder of RIDI and the Clear Company.

Chapter 2: How to use appropriate language

In the second video in our Disability Confident Recruitment series we tackle the thorny topic of using the most appropriate language - no one wants to be insensitive or cause embarrassment inadvertently.

Our experts guide us through why it is important to be authentic and to be guided by the individual's language preferences. Importantly though why we shouldn't get too caught up on the language itself and let it prevent us from having those all-important conversations.

"My guiding principle is don't let language be a barrier to having a conversation." Kate Headley, Founder of RIDI and the Clear Company.

Chapter 3: Adjusting the recruitment process

So you've started a Disability Confident conversation and you've found out what you need to know - but what should a recruiter do next? 

In this short video our team of experts discuss how to give candidates the best opportunity to perform well in the recruitment process and how to make the adjustments they may need, remembering it's important to focus on the impact of the disability, rather than the personal circumstance surrounding it and that often simpler is better when it comes to adjustments in recruitment.

"It's about making those equitable decisions that create the processes and makes the process equal for all candidates."  Pauline Miller, Chief Equity Officer at Dentsu


Chapter 4: Creating inclusive recruitment resources

Before you start contacting prospective candidates, you need to have the right resources. Recruitment packs that are built on accessibility and inclusive principles are always going to deliver the best results for the recruiter, the client and the candidate.

Pauline Miller, Kate Headley and Kate Shoesmith discuss some practical Disability Confident tips for recruiters and hiring managers to take when preparing candidate packs. 

"Think about how you can demonstrate your support for candidates with disabilities and the adjustments and processes" Pauline Miller, Chief Equity Officer at Dentsu


Chapter 5: Stop guessing, start learning

It can be daunting to know where to start on your Disability Confident recruitment journey. But there's one bit of advice that Kate Headley, Pauline Miller and Kate Shoesmith think can make all the difference - stop guessing, start learning!

The best recruiters and hiring managers know how to deploy active listening skills, and really seek to understand the perspective of the candidate. It's what really delivers results.

This is the fifth short video in our practical advice series to become a Disability Confident recruiter.  

 "If you've not got lived experience of a disability or worked with people with lived experience of disability then we're kind of guessing. It's time to stop guessing and start learning." Kate Headley, Founder of RIDI and the Clear Company

Chapter 6: Top tips to inclusive recruitment

In the final part of our short video series on Disability Confident recruitment, Kate Headley, Pauline Miller and Kate Shoesmith share their top tips.

From self-education and reviewing your processes, to getting input from people with a lived experience but most importantly being authentic and continuing to ask, rather than assume.

Find out the simple things we can all do to recruit the right way and be Disability Confident. 

"Don't beat yourself up. There's nothing so diverse as disability, it's a really extremely large spectrum and we can't be masters of all of it. You just need to know where to go for assistance." Kate Headley, Founder of RIDI and the Clear Company.

The full conversation

Ready to expand your understanding of how to be a Disability Confident recruiter?

In our full video you can watch all 6 of our short guides plus bonus tips and advice from Kate Headley, Founder of RIDI and the Clear Company, Pauline Miller, Chief Equity Officer at Dentsu, and Kate Shoesmith, Deputy CEO at the REC.

Take 30 minutes out of your day today to find out more about: 

  • How to initiate a Disability Confident conversation with candidates 
  • Using appropriate language 
  • Adjusting the recruitment process 
  • Creating inclusive recruitment resources 
  • Stop guessing, start learning 
  • Our top tips when it comes to recruiting disabled candidates. 

Get in touch

We'd love to hear your feedback on these videos and your additional pieces of advice for Disability Confident recruitment. We know we have only just scratched the surface! It's our ambition to take the stigma out of the conversation, build confidence, share the learning and, most importantly of all, improve the number of people with disabilities in work once and for all.     

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