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The Recruitment Industry Comms Forum

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The REC has established a new forum for comms and PR staff in the recruitment industry, and we are inviting REC members to join us for future meetings. You can find more information below. Get in touch with the REC's Comms Manager Josh Prentice if you are interested in joining. 

What is it?

A forum for comms and PR staff in the recruitment industry to talk regularly, discuss emerging issues, and work together to enhance the industry's reputation.

Why is this important?

The impact on jobs from Covid-19 has put a spotlight on the recruitment industry as a vital source of expert support for businesses, job seekers and policy makers. This an opportunity for us to pro-actively build and pitch stories to the media that demonstrate the positive impact the recruitment industry is having for people's lives and the economy. Beyond Covid, having a more integrated comms experts across the recruitment industry will help serve our industry's reputation and help us pursue campaigning objectives that benefit recruiters.

What outcomes can be expected?

The main benefit of the group is that PR and comms staff in the recruitment industry will be better connected. This means:

  • We will be more informed about each other's work, and more aware of what's going on in the industry and the wider media context
  • We will be better able to identify opportunities for pro-active media activity, supported by real-life examples and case studies of the impact our industry has
  • We will be more successful in securing positive media coverage that enhances the reputation of the industry using spokespeople from across our membership
  • We will also be more agile in responding to requests from journalists for comments, stories, and case studies
  • We will be in a better position to manage potential reputational risks in the media.

How will it work? What's the time commitment?

We will meet via Zoom for a one-hour meeting roughly every six to eight weeks. An agenda will be circulated beforehand. As a rough guide, the meetings will include:

  • Welcome and updates from individuals about any important media campaigns or activity they're working on
  • Discussion on emerging news stories and issues in the industry
  • Discussion on strategy for positively influencing the news agenda
  • Possibility for members to present on a piece of work and share what they’ve learned, or to bring in an outsider to share insights – for example a journalist, a policy expert, comms/PR expert etc.

Get involved

Get in touch with the REC's Comms Manager Josh Prentice if you'd like to join the forum.