Number of people in employment is the highest it’s ever been

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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Recruitment& Employment Confederation (REC) director of policy Tom Hadley says:

Candidatesare now in a better position, if moving jobs there is a strong chance ofgetting a pay rise. Businesses want to grow and with employment rates high theyare having to compete with each other to attract people. Ourdata shows that one way they are making themselves more attractive is byoffering higher starting pay for new recruits.

“Thereare plenty of jobs out there for candidates with high in-demand skills insectors ranging from education to hospitality. We simply don’t have the numberof people in this country to fill the vacancies businesses are creating. If thegovernment wants to boost economic growth businesses need to be able tocontinue to attract and recruit workers from the EU.”




Notes toEditors


1.    For more information, contact the RECPress Office on 0207 009 2157/2192 or An ISDN line is available forinterviews on 0207 021 0584.


2.   The unemployment rate remained at 4.2%, thejoint lowest since 1975, and there were 1.42 million unemployed people, 46,000 fewerthan for October to December 2017.


The number of people in employment hasalso gone up (197,000 more than for October to December 2017) and theemployment rate was at 75.6%, the highest since 1971.


Latest estimates show that average weekly earnings foremployees in the UK in real terms (that is, adjusted for price inflation)increased by 0.4% excluding bonuses, but were unchanged including bonuses,compared with a year earlier.


3.   Full data and PDF available here:


4.   Jobstransform lives, which is why we are building the best recruitment industry inthe world. As the professional body for recruitment we’re determined to makebusinesses more successful by helping them secure the people they need. We areabsolutely passionate and totally committed in this pursuit for recruiters,employers, and the people they hire. Find out moreabout the Recruitment & Employment Confederation at


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