Our Council

The council is the governing body of REC, directly and through committees, supervises the work of the Executive. The council is bound by the Constitution contained in the Memorandum and Articles.

The council consists of up to 17 directors who are representatives of corporate members and up to 7 directors who are representatives of individual members of the IRP. The council is appointed either by the membership at the Annual General Meeting of the REC or by the Council itself during the course of the year as vacancies arise. One quarter of the directors will stand down each year at the AGM, and any member can be nominated for election, in accordance with the Articles.

REC council 2017/18

Working Board


Corporate Directors 

Christopher Moore (chairman)

Jeanette Barrowcliffe

Jacqueline Hilton

Rebekah Handford

Gary Irvine

Diane Martyn

Sarah Thewlis

Mandy Brook

Simon Conington

Karen Davison-Renouf

Janette Withey

Steven Street

Aidan Anglin

Allena Clarke

Paul Sharpe

Michelle Mellor

Sarah Hopkins 

IRP Directors 

Michael Bennett

Neeti Gupta

Louise Hewett

Mark Edwards

Heather Salway

Mark Channon

Paul Jacobs

Kevin Green
Chief Executive - REC
Dorset House 27-45 Stamford Street, London
Tel: 020 7009 2144
Email: kevin.green@rec.uk.com

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