What we cannot deal with

The areas detailed below fall outside the remit of the REC’s Complaints and Disciplinary Procedure:

  • We cannot deal with anonymous complaints
  • We cannot deal with matters of compensation
  • We cannot make an agency or an individual apologise 
  • We cannot investigate the conduct of an agency that is not a member of the REC
  • We cannot offer legal advice
  • We cannot intervene in disputes of a legal nature
  • We cannot intervene in disputes of a commercial nature
  • We cannot intervene in disputes driven by competition
  • We cannot get involved in contractual disputes where there are ongoing or imminent legal proceedings
  • We cannot investigate complaints under the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 (AWR) or AWR (NI) 2011.
  • We cannot decide disputes between members and their employees or employers
  • We cannot instigate our procedure whilst any legal, tribunal or court action is ongoing or unresolved. Please refer to the legal factsheet for further details.
  • We cannot suspend or expel a member; this decision can only be made by the Professional Standards Committee
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