REC governance reform 2020

We're making some changes to our governance


Why is the REC changing the Articles of Association?  


The REC is making some changes to the way we are governed. These changes won't affect your membership, but we hope they will improve the way we are run by our board. The changes will help us modernise and provide a structure that allows us to be more responsive and agile on your behalf. 


How will this benefit members?: 

  1. The amendments to our governance and articles of association will lead to a more effective and efficient board and advisory council.
  2. We will be able to attract a more diverse set of candidates for the board. If you feel that you may fit the bill or have any recommendations please email us.
  3. We will be able to bring specific skills and experience to the board whilst maintaining important levels of oversight.
We'd love to know what you think about the changes? Both REC members and REC professionals are able to give feedback and to vote. 



How long have you got to feedback?  


Give feedback by emailing, both REC members and REC professional members have until the 28 February. Members will then be able to vote to accept or reject the final proposals after they are published on 10 March online or in person at the EGM. Voting closes on 24 March the day before our EGM on 25 March. 

Important dates:  


  • 6 February - consultation published and members are able to feedback (consultation attached above) 
  • 28 February - consultation closes
  • 10 March - final governance published and members will receive an email from Civica, with the option to vote online. Voting closes on 24 March. 
  • 25 March - members can also vote to accept or reject the proposals in person at Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).
  • 24 June - Annual General Meeting (AGM) and first meeting of new Board 

If you have any questions or to get involved in the governance of the REC e.g. through the Advisory Council or one of the Board committees. Get in touch via


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